Outdoor Kids' Church

We believe that community is important for spiritual growth. It gives a sense of belonging and togetherness. It's true for adults and equally true for kids! So we are offering Outdoor Kids' Church. With kids' church, there is always something fun to look forward to, being with peers, opportunities for verbal participation, an understanding that kids have a need to move, and a child-friendly application for our Bible lesson. 

Our Children's Director (Claire Campbell) - along with a few volunteers - will lead Kids' Church outside in Harbor Trinity's inner courtyard Kids are encouraged to join their parents or guardian during worship on the lawn at 10:00am. They will be excused, directly following worship, and will join our Children's Ministry volunteers for Outdoor Kids' Church. Both kids and volunteers are required to wear masks as outlined by the California Department of Public Health. Parents or guardians will pick up their kids in the courtyard after church service has concluded.

In the event of rain, Kids’ Church will still meet together in person, so don't let the rain keep you from joining us! We will meet indoors in the Crane Chapel and continue to film the story “live” and it will be available to watch via Facebook Live on our HTC Kids Facebook page. Check out how to view the lesson on Facebook below.

We understand that some may have reservation about returning to church. Still, we know that some may just simply not be able to make it to church. If that's you, know that we have been hard at work in trying to make a kids worship experience available to you at home. Simply subscribe to our HTC Kids Facebook page before hand, and tune in LIVE on Sunday mornings at 10am.

Looking to invest in your kids spiritual lives beyond Sunday morning? Then look no further. We have created a family resource page that may help you reach your kids in creative and fun ways. [Learn more...]

Volunteer Schedule

Harbor Trinity is blessed to have many talented and selfless volunteers who love and care deeply for God and His Church. Click on the link below to see our monthly schedule for those who volunteer in our HTC kids ministry.