The GAP: HTC Young Adults  |  Thursdays  |  7-9pm  |  HTC Room 207

Are you between the ages of 18-30? Looking for community?

Harbor Trinity's Young Adults ministry is called The GAP (meaning Graduates And Professionals) and it aims to be that space for our young adults to grow in their faith and belong to a community of like-minded peers who encourage one-another in their faith. 

Every first Thursday of the month, we have a SOCIAL day where we have themed days from movie nights, games nights, sushi nights, etc.

Every last Thursday of the month, we have a DISCUSSION day where we set up a workshop on relevant topics to our life stage. We cover topics  from dating to adulting, church relationships to suffering. Join us for meaningful conversations!

During the middle Thursdays of the month, we will be going through the book of Acts and get inspired, challenged and launched into building our church by no less than the early church! Join us for worship, fellowship and getting into the Word of God together.

For more info, contact or YA Coordinator email


Hume Lake Young Adults Retreat

September 6-8, 2019, Hume Lake, California

For the first time, HTC Young Adults are inviting young adults ages 18-30 up in Hume Lake, California. 

Hume Lake Christian Camps aims to bring together like-minded individuals and groups from all over the west coast (and beyond) to unite for a long weekend of amazing activities, great speakers, fantastic music, and more coffee and food than you’ll know what to do with! 

So come connect with your friends and rekindle your relationship with God in a place free of distractions and surrounded by His creation.

For more info, contact

Slots are LIMITED so REGISTER TODAY by clicking here!

Young Adults Ministry Intern

We are now looking for a Young Adults Ministry Intern who could lead our group ages 18-30.

Go to link below to begin the application process!