The GAP: HTC Young Adults  |  Thursdays  |  7-9pm

Are you between the ages of 18-30? Looking for community?

Harbor Trinity is all about building community and fellowship. Our Young Adults ministry is called The GAP (meaning Graduates And Professionals) and it aims to be that space for our young adults to grow in their faith and belong to a community of like-minded peers who encourage one-another in their faith.

Together, we can answer questions on college and career, relationships and relevance, marriage and mortgages. The GAP is intended for everyone within the range of someone who just graduated high school up to someone in their professional career. For more info, contact or YA Coordinator Grant at

The GAP meeting times

Every Thursday, we meet upstairs in the HTC Youth Room (Room 207) from 7-9pm. Gates open 6:45pm.

Every first Thursday of the month, we have a SOCIAL day where we will either play board games, watch a DVD or whatever build community and then go eat dinner together at a nearby restaurant. The goal is foster community through fellowship!

Every last Thursday of the month, we have a Q&A day where we set up a forum and/or discussion on relevant topics to our life stage, hosted by some of our leaders. Some topics have included relationships, the church, suffering, etc. Feel free to suggest next months topic!

All Thursdays in between, we hold our normal Young Adults Service where we have worship, a short teaching time and small group discussions.

Bring your friends and join us for fellowship!