Family Resources

These are definitely unprecedented times. Schedules are jumbled up like never before. However, as inconvenient as these times may be, they can also allow for meaningful opportunities to learn, play, and connect with your children! They’re watching you and need you now more than ever. Make the most of it. Turn these unprecedented times into unforgettable times. Here's some creative ways that we may be able to help with: 

  • Kids Devotionals

    If you're looking for a short devotional that your kids can watch and be ministered to, simply click on the icon that will redirect to our HTC Kids YouTube channel.

  • Kids Crafts

    In need of a fun craft for your kids to do while being cooped up in the house? We got you covered. Simply click on any of the following links to view or print out a corresponding PDF that will get your kids building and creating.

  • Family Activities

    These activity sheets are designed to help you and your family engage in meaningful discussions centered around God's Word and be intentional in your time together. Simply click on any of the following activity sheets below.