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We have all had words impact us.  It could have been something we read or heard that spoke to us in a way that was profound and got us thinking. The Bible is full of such statements made by people who encountered God in amazing ways. If you were asked to think of a memorable quote by David, Ruth or Peter, something would probably come to mind. In this new sermon series we will take a look at some of those larger-than-life moments when people faced challenges, opposition and opportunities.  In some cases we see great expressions of faith and in others it's a failure of faith that stands out.  Some spoke about their own experience and some spoke about what was yet to come.  Yet in each case we can learn from them and see how their story connects with ours.  Although they lived in a very different time in history, their burdens, blessings and issues can still resonate with us today.  God gave us their words for a reason: let's learn from them.  We hope you can join us each week for worship as we discover in their own words valuable insights about life, faith, and God.  

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