Sermon Series  |  Beginning July 1

Despite some of our theological differences with the Catholic Church, Pope Francis' was quoted as saying, "The most important thing that can happen to a person is to encounter Jesus, Who loves us, Who has saved us, Who has given His life for us." There are no truer words than these. Before we know the Way or the Truth or the Life, we must first encounter Jesus. Nothing and no one precedes Him or follows Him.


With that in mind and in heart, Harbor Trinity Church is embarking on a new sermon series this summer entitled "Encountering Jesus." In this series we will examine key moments in the Gospels when people from all demographics - a scholar, a failure, a blind man, an adulteress, an outcast, etc - found their lives forever changed when they encountered the Son of God. Be sure to visit us this summer and as we encounter Jesus together. 

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