HTC is committed to the WORD of GOD

The Bible is fascinating. It's the source by which we can know God and find salvation. It teaches us, directs us and nourishes us. It is the lens by which we at Harbor Trinity establish essential truths and doctrines on God, salvation, humanity, sin, marriage, etc. Looking ahead at 2020, we want you to connect to a loving God through His inerrant Word. Feel free to use the following reading schedule to help guide you along in your reading of the Bible.

Reading Schedule

There are many reading plans out there that will help you navigate through the Bible within one year. The reading plan HTC has selected is a plan designed to take the reader through both the Old and New Testament a little at a time everyday. We also will be using the ESV (English Standard Version) which offers a literal translation that is very readable and not difficult to understand. 

Important tips to remember when reading your Bible daily

  1. Set aside a specific time each day that allows you not to be rushed or interrupted. It's important to make this part of your daily rhythm.
  2. Read the Bible as a means of nourishment. Don't push through the reading of God’s Word for the sake of checking off a box. 
  3. Pray each time before you begin. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding and invite Him to speak and minister to you through His Word.