As COVID numbers decline, people get vaccinated, and as our county recently moved to a less restrictive color tier of "Orange," we are happy to announce that we have moved back inside for worship Sundays at 10am. We have prayed and anticipated this day, and have been hard at work making preparations. We know that some are just as eager as us to return, and yet still, we know that others may be hesitant to return inside. If that’s you, we want to give you time and space to process what’s best for you and your family. We also want to invite you to consider some alternative options to ease back inside the church. 

The following options are currently being made available for worship:

  • In person - inside the sanctuary
  • In person - outside the sanctuary via screen
  • In vehicles - via radio broadcast (91.3fm)
  • In homes - via Facebook LIVE

Regardless of where you are at, we hope that you will join us for worship, as we serve an amazing, good and gracious God!