What is Alpha?

Alpha is an 10-week course that explores the basics of Christianity. It will unpack questions like, Who Jesus is? What did he really accomplish on our behalf? What does it mean to have faith? Each session allows space for the participant to ask questions, to hear what others have to say, and look to the Scriptures as an authoritative source. No question or topic is out of bounds.

Who is Alpha for?

Really, the Alpha course is for everyone interested in growing in their faith and/or even curious about the Christian faith. Whether you are a new-believer or a non-believer, everyone is welcome.

When is Alpha?

Alpha meets each Wednesday from 6:30pm-8pm. 

The next 10-week course begins Wednesday, September 13, sign up below to join us.

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Watch Video

Want to see what Aplha is all about? Watch this promo clip that highlights what it's all about from real people who participated in the course.


A great opportunity to reach out

Perhaps you know someone (new-believer or non-believer) that could benefit from this 10-week course, we would ask you not only to invite them to Alpha, but to join them as well. You have the great opportunity to be the familiar face in a potential unfamiliar place to someone. You may also have the opportunity to continue the conversation beyond the group in a more personal setting, perhaps over a cup of coffee. So, who is God putting on your heart to invite?