September 23rd  |  8:30a-12p  |  Harbor Trinity Church

You are invited to join us for a special seminar on Contagious Discipleship right here at HTC. This packed seminar will be lead by our friend, missionary and author of DNA of A Revolution, Gary Mayes. For too long, discipleship has been the territory of experts and dependent on heroically great curriculum. Nothing wrong with experts or great curriculum, but what if there was a process that could be followed by anyone with or without curriculum to guide them? These 3.5 hours will equip you with a transferable life-changing process that you can use in almost any context of life at any time. For more information visit

Workshop outcomes:

  • Hands-on experience with every aspect of the process   
  • Proficiency with core skills and reflective questions you can use immediately   
  • Reproducibility with people in any ministry or life context   
  • Capacity to create a disciple-making culture in your church   
  • Pathway to bridge the gap between generations   
  • Confidence that grows out of the example of Jesus

Secure your spot now!

Participants will receive a workbook and reminder "wallet card." Coffee, tea and water will also be
made available prior to the seminar and during the session breaks.

$15 (if registered before Sept 19 @ 5pm)
$25 (at the door)


Gary is the author of DNA of a Revolution, a book that invites people to re-imagine the church that could be in light of our original DNA. He also serves as the Executive Director of ChurchNEXT at CRM where he gives leadership to 140 staff serving globally on 17 teams. Gary is passionate about mobilizing the Body of Christ to live on mission. He has spent over 20 years wrestling with the importance of discovery-based learning as key to living out that passion. Within this, he has created this seminar workshop that takes takes that learning to a new level.